The Art of War Sun Tsu Full Documentary. (Educational).

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise that is attributed to Sun Tzu (also referred to as “Sunzi” and “Sun Wu”), a high ranking military general and strategist during the late Spring and Autumn period (some scholars believe that the Art of War was not completed until the subsequent Warring States period. Composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it is said to be the definitive work on military strategies and tactics of its time, and is still read for its military insights.
The Art of War is one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy in the world. It has been the most famous and influential of China’s Seven Military Classics: “for the last two thousand years it remained the most important military treatise in Asia, where even the common people knew it by name.It has had an influence on Eastern military thinking, business
tactics, and beyond.

Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of positioning in military strategy, and that the decision to position an army must be based on both objective conditions in the physical environment and the subjective beliefs of other, competitive actors in that environment. He thought that strategy was not planning in the sense of working through an established list, but rather that it requires quick and appropriate responses to changing conditions. Planning works in a controlled environment, but in a changing environment, competing plans collide, creating unexpected situations.

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  1. if you have a interest about Asia, you should know about that before the
    Ching dynasty, there was no country called China, and that China only
    lasted about 40 years or something, and so many different tribes and
    ethnicities deeply intertwined to all of the Asian histories, you
    Westerners always make things stupid. something like Boxer’s rebellion? how
    about I call Shays’ rebellion as Farmers’ rebellion? sounds good? if you
    can’t escape from 19 century’s imperial perspectives about Asia, you can
    learn nothing from it. something like Chinese letters, OK if I call
    Alphabet as American letters, or British letters Am I correct? even Chinese
    doesn’t call that letters as Chinese letter, that is why American lost war
    in Vietnam, have no idea about Asia.

  2. stop half way there and what the americans landed at Normandy and beat the
    Nazis lol . I didn’t know only americans were fighting in the second world
    war . they didn’t even want anything to do with it till pearl harbour . and
    as the history books say it was mostly due to the Russians why the Nazis
    were beaten. god americans think they are alone one this planet. remember
    your just a bunch of angry british wasbeens anyway.

  3. You can tell that Americans do not apply Sun Tsu principle at all,
    otherwise there would not be a string of failures from the Korean war up to
    the Iraq invasion and Afghanistan incursion. 

  4. War between stronger force vs smaller force.

    Stronger force should fear the smaller force because they have much more to

    Vietnamese understood the strength of US Technology, fire power, numbers
    and etc.

    While the US Dont know anything about their opponent and with American ego
    they underestimate their enemies and paid the price the for it! 

  5. American arrogance, deluded perspective of the world, insensitivity towards
    and ignorance of other cultures, Imperialism fuelled by greedy capitalism.
    Illegal invasion of sovereign states and interference in legally elected
    governments by ill educated teenagers and the Yanks wonder why they are
    hated across the globe? Putin is a 2nd division warmonger compared to
    majority of US presidents

  6. Please Read Chanakya’s Arthashastra – 100 times better than Art of War
    Chanakya takes a street kid & makes him the King of one of the Largest
    Dynasties in indian History – Chandragupta Maurya – Amazing

  7. of coarse American documentary makers will take something from thousands
    and thousand of years ago, with relevance of nothing to do with america,
    but some how twist it to make it about america so they can draw in the
    interests of Americans. not going to lie this is a big reason why the hole
    world think your all idiots. even though even today compared with the rest
    of the world america is rather new to war where as other countries like
    Italy, Britain, France, Greece and Japan have been fighting wars for so
    long we are well decorated in battle honers and experiences that echo
    through history dictating the way we fight wars to this day.

  8. God damn it, stop overrating Sun Tzu so much. He may have been a very good
    military strategist, but nothing more. There’s a reason why he is not
    listed among the Three Teachers in East Asian cultures (Laozi, Confucius
    and Buddha).

  9. When they describe the mistakes in Vietnam; that is, fighting for
    fightings sake with no strategy but the desire to dominate, they are
    describing the same BS going on in the ME. FFS just 1 year ago McKain
    wanted more US $ money for the Al Nusrah Brigade to defeat Assad; 1 year
    later ‘our guy’s’ are now ISIS ; the ‘most evil ever’. Tragic BS!
    WE never fking LEARN! We should make friends with Russia not provoke them
    and we should leave the ME and focus on the real threat CHINA. but no the
    Romney, Clinton, Blair, McKains and US economy are in debt to China who
    rightly laugh at us. Talk about blowback and fighting on multiple fronts.
    Arrogance = stupidity = defeat!

  10. To casualty figures itself. Only one good study have been done about
    Vietnamese casualties (Preston, Hirschman and Vu Manh Loi based on
    demographics of Vietnam). That study have totally debunked the claim of 3-4
    million Vietnamese deceased. Actually about 886 000 – 1 054 000 Vietnamese
    deceased (1965-75). Maximum 600 000 – 650 000 of them military persons of
    all armies. About 400 000 (or even less) of them were NLF/NVA soldiers. Not
    all in combat and not even half of them against Americans. It’s very
    questionable were even 200 000 “enemies” killed by US Forces. Americans
    lost 58 200 deceased and about 158 000 wounded (longer medical care). Not
    so fantastic “kill rate”.

  11. If fighting is sure to result in victory then you must fight!
    Sun Tsu said that, and I’d say he knows a litte more about fighting than
    you do pal becouse he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no
    living man could best him in the ring of honour.

  12. The last part about the future of conflicts involving America is the lesson
    we ought to have learned *before* Iraq. It also highlights that the West
    still holds the rest of the world in a degree of foolish and unfounded
    contempt, always talking about the likes of Alexander, Napoleon,
    Wellington, and Nelson. They are important yes, but Sun Tzu’s lessons far
    outweigh stories of their success as Sun Tzu was the only one to have
    gotten the holistic understanding of War-and-State right. 

  13. Here’s a bit of trivia: the insignia of Chinese military commanders is a
    stone axe head. It signifies the authority of that commander to execute
    any of his subordinates, very similar to the fasces of the Romans. Unlike
    the fasces, its symbolism is restricted to the military since Imperial
    China was not a militarized society.

  14. damn is this the only historical documentary without black Americans trying
    to steal others history? I’m shocked actually cause there’s tons of videos
    on how blacks are the original Chinese royalty and most Asians as well as
    just about every culture around the world, Hannibal was black, romans were,
    Egyptians, Phoenicians, the native Americans were black, blacks were the
    Olmec and Mayans and built all the pyramids…. gee is Sun Tzu the only one
    they haven’t tried to take yet

  15. How butthurt can you get?! The whole time the documentary talked about
    allies, ALLIES, not americans. Take a fucking history lesson, USSR was in
    the allies.

    This isnt WW2 doc either so you can safely push that USSR flag up your ass
    because theres no need for it in this doc. Try get over your inferiority
    complex and say ‘thanks for help, america’ instead.

  16. These teachings are not impressive, anyone could figure them out.

    oh you threatened those girls lives and now they obey? what a shocker.

    If someone has superior power to yours it doesn’t matter how much smarter
    then them you are if you don’t have leverage. You actually need power to
    create leverage for yourself for example.

    the enemy has 100 soldiers to your 10. you can be as sneaky as you want
    with your 10 but your bases are gonna get destroyed and your kings murdered
    without any defense.

    in the 33k to 100k war it talked about it seemed like the other guy bunched
    all his guys up and say there doing nothing while sun tsu picked them off
    one at a time.

    worthless advice a middle schooler could tell you.

  17. Came here for the documentary…shocked by the moronic comments
    Good job, everyone expressing opinion as fact, join the american hate
    train, it aint stopping for no one

  18. The army with much much more soldiers, could just attack the home base of
    the smaller army.
    If I was a leader of a much bigger army, and if the enemy with much smaller
    army attacked my homebase and my troops, I would then imiditaly counter
    attack the smaller armys land, and take that place over, and then the
    smaller army was homeless, and they couldn’t withstand my bigger army then
    coming after them. If the smaller army has many of their

  19. why does the U.S take credit for winning WW2 when they were the waterboys
    of the allies, while the soviets lost 20 million the yanks lost 400,000

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  21. This book is a mandatory in O.C.S.
    Yet the US isn’t following a single strategy in the war with Iraq and
    Sun Tzu was a genius. Proven.

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