Talking about Inventing Breakthrough Business Strategies

Many people have great products or services. But most find that they are unable to convince their prospects and customers of their benefits with a superior offer of value. Getting the strategy right is critical to success, but many who manage or are responsible for the strategic direction of their businesses have never been shown the best way to do it.

This costs them tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in wasted effort, time and resources, not to mention lost business.

Most strategy formulation is rooted in formalisation and grounded in inflexible analytical frameworks and prescription. But it shouldnt be like this!

Strategy formulation should be creative; its focus skewed on discovery and renewal. It should tackle questions such as how to produce superior customer value for a specific group of customers with changing requirements, and also on unique operations activity to put the business two steps ahead of its competitors

This short film based on the view that business is exciting, turbulent and unpredictable and that there are fresh and stirring ways to invent new business… but such opportunities can only be achieved with fresh approaches to crafting great strategies! In short it describes the fundamental pillars of strategic management.

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