25 thoughts on “SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google”

  1. @shezadahmed Except that I searched for that term and her post is on the
    first page… seems to have worked.

  2. Excellent video…!! I have gone back and now making some changes to my
    existing posts. You definitely have the BEST PC Tips site on the net!

  3. Yes it did work but I no longer rank for it as I have other SEO projects to
    work on.. This was just to prove something.. Many people have come back and
    checked that I did rank there but if you check now I will not…

  4. Sorry, what are do-follow and no-follow links? where can i check the video
    out?? Thanks 😉

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    changed SEO’s geography is and all the updates that they are implementing,
    using handy dandy plug-ins like SEOpressor, YOAST, etc. can do wonders in
    helping you wth your SEO.

  6. Wow I’ve learned so much. This video IS THE BEST OUT THERE. Everyone dance
    around seo, this is proven strategy. I said to myself I really can’t pay
    for SEO company at the moment and started to get depressed and lazy with
    this technique but then I watched this and said if she can do it then I can
    do it and I have no more excuses, thanks for giving me the inspiration!!!!

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