25 thoughts on “SEO – Search Engine Optimization”

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  2. this is good tutorila for SEO…

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  4. did you go out of business because you spent too much on advertising? Im
    not kidding. Curious. Thanks

  5. with millions and millions of people using SEO how do you recieve all
    benefits? No way you will always be in the top

  6. I think this was a very good introduction and pretty easy to understand.
    I’m a Modern Languages graduate from Venezuela, and my first language is
    not English, so I think that speaks volumes on the quality of this
    tutorial. Cheers!

  7. Hello Eli, does it makes a difference if I use HTML5 site made from Wix.com
    Vs. WordPress? I have a site made from Wix.com with a domain I bought from
    GoDaddy.com. Thanks!

  8. Thank you Eli, your video is very informative. You appear to be a great
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  9. Hi,
    this niranjan.

    I need help red. how to upgrade adsense hosted account to normal account
    quickly, please help me

  10. great video! I’m learning about this stuff now, obviously there are new
    rules. is the hummingbird update been hard for you?

  11. More people are now using SEO for their business. It helps them get an edge
    for their business. They get more leads easily.

  12. this is from 2010,it sounds very interesting but is it valid in 2014?

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