25 thoughts on “Real Estate Photography Tips Lightroom Post Processing With Enfuse HDR Blending”

  1. I put together a video showing my editing process using Lightroom and the
    Enfuse plug-in. I realize this is only one method and there are many
    alternatives such as bringing in your own lighting for a better result,
    etc. But I wanted to share what I do so others who are just starting might
    have an easier start. When I first started, I sourced pieces of info
    together to get to where I am now but was never able to find a complete
    tutorial. So this is for folks who were like me and looking for a way to
    blend brackets together easily.

  2. I must be missing it but where do I get the “blend exposure using LR/” plug
    in? When I get to that step I do not see that option. I had been using
    photo matrix pro to merge exposures.

  3. Hi, I love your tutorial, I was wondering what aperture and ISO do you use
    in interiors, and what lens, thanks 

  4. well, this is informative, however to be frank with you, this is one of the
    most boring tutorial i’ve seen.

  5. Although I don’t agree with all of your tweaks, I appreciate your effort
    very much. Thank you!

  6. Hi Lance,

    Thank you for the great resource you have here. I am aspiring to get
    started in real estate photography and your videos and website have been
    very informative and helpful. I was curious to find out what
    stabilizer/slider you are using for your video?

    Thanks, Alex

  7. Thanks for watching Cheryl T! (Sorry I can’t reply to your specific comment
    for some reason, there’s no Reply link there!)

  8. Hey Lance, great video. Can you tell me a bit about your camera settings on
    the shoot? I use a 5D II and magic lantern’s bracketing feature. Can you
    tell me how many stops you use between each of the 7 shots? Do you adjust
    your shutter speed depending on the middle exposure? Curious. Thanks.

  9. Hello I can not find the stack in my menu.
    I have not bought the whole program. I run the trial version because I
    wanted to see how it was,
    do you think that’s what’s wrong?

  10. what a painfully long tutorial!! you should have just focused on 2 or three
    stacks or edited out the repetitive parts for all those 136 images. it took
    for ever to get to the blending part…. is there a blending part? I don’t
    know I am sick of waiting for you to get to the bending plugin
    tutorial….. dangit this was annoying…!!!

  11. Lots of great information! I have Lightroom 5 which doesn’t appear to have
    the stacking option in the photos menu. Is there another way to accomplish
    stacking in Lr5? Much thanks!

  12. What a great video! We have been using your technique with great results!
    And I have to say that we much prefer the look we are getting from enfuse
    than from hdr software like photomatix or hdr efex. Lovely interior photos,
    by the way. Keep up with the good work!

  13. I really enjoyed the video – learned a lot. You set the white balance on
    each stack before blending. Is this better than doing the WB adjustment
    after the blending? Doing after seems easier to me.

  14. Love the video. I’m considering adding just a little fill light. Do you
    think that’ll work with your technique.

  15. Hi Lance, this was very informative, a bit long but very useful! I had a
    couple questions. Why can’t I seem to click on my photos to sort them? My
    sort field is set to User Order but I’m not able to click and drag. Also,
    can you share what you presets are for exporting? I don’t have any like you
    have (full, small, etc). It would be great to know what the better options
    would be for exporting to clients. Thanks!

  16. It’s like having a professional teacher standing there with you.
    I like the format. Yes, it is lengthy, but very informative. And the
    beauty of ONLINE instruction, is the ‘teacher’ doesn’t know if you paused
    the video, to grab a cup of coffee, or go out for a walk. Psst, I am
    still here! 🙂 Good Job, thank you for your time and experience

  17. Great video It was very helpful. As others mentioned I would have cut out
    some of the edit proces but I did learn some from that as well. Question
    what is your computer setup I like the speed that it is running at. Ram,
    processor and are you running a flash hard drive? Thanks. 

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