25 thoughts on “REAL ESTATE MENTORING TIPS: 7 DEBUNKED Myths About Real Estate Investing”

  1. Thanks for the post. I stick to the truth. And the truth is that everyone
    watching these videos should learn a new trade, become an entrepreneur,
    investor, inventor, farmer, etc. The world is rapidly changing, those stuck
    in the 20th century economic paradigm will be finished. Since real estate
    investing is my skill, I share it. I would hope others share their skill as

  2. It seems like your on the right track. People are blown away when I tell
    them that I buy homes for $500 or a few thousand. The program is much less
    than what you sat. Take a look yourself. Thanks for the post.

  3. If you would teach people that 1 in 10 deals score big, and to be rich all
    you have to do is find 10 reasonable deals, reject 9 for various reasons,
    and just -” 5 deals” – a year will make them millionaires. But, there’s
    always a catch, the catch is THEM, -meaning -how-many – total – `strangers
    out – there – will-do – it? I’d say just 1 in 25, and the other 24 will
    never stop moaning about life until they hit the grave. 1 in 10 deals, just
    1 in 10 deals x 5 and you’re a millionaire.

  4. I disagree. I don’t repair properties, I don’t use money, and I buying and
    sell dozens of notes and properties a week. It did take work to get to that
    point, but it takes work doing most things that reward you financially.
    Thanks for the post.

  5. I have to disagree. Your points really touch on what I call 20th century
    tactics. The market has changed. As someone who closed over $100 million in
    deals last year, and am looking to shatter that this year I can tell I
    never put money down, I paid for maybe 3 inspection reports, and never
    lifted a paintbrush. Just saying…

  6. I think you are correct. We bottomed out last year in RE and are now on our
    way up. with all the QE 2,3 and trillion dollar coins and 6 year moratorium
    on building Inflation is going to do a number on on bricks and mortar. RE
    is a nice neat stack of nonperishable commodities. Just think that we will
    be paying back inflated dollars if we secure loans now at under 4%. However
    we will have a reckoning a few years down the road, take advantage now and
    be ready to get out.

  7. Fabian, I am an expert on people and how they will respond. If you study
    Harry Helmsley and Lawrance Tuke, NY property men – they, meaning them two,
    are the end all, and be all of your education. You need go no further than
    them because it’s not neccessary. Do you like to bet? I’ll bet you $1000
    dollars a London property company shares will double in the next 2 years,
    there now $18 a share, I say $36.00 within 2 years from todays date. The
    shares are LAND SECURITIES, founded by a property genius

  8. So, we agree to disagree! I’m still flipping properties in the 21st Century
    and I guess I have my own way of handling my real estate investments, but I
    wish you luck and enjoy your channel!

  9. Wealth starts with a childs upbringing and conversation at home which can
    spark in them future wealth expectations or ambition. The conversation can
    be intelligent and healhy, or the opposite. What guides a child is the
    parents ideas, intellect and positive suggestions (some self hypnosis is
    involved) plumbers beget plumbers, garage and store owners beget business
    people. Millions of children want to be rich at age 8, but 95% are often
    already defeated by age 8. Wealth is a growing idea seed.

  10. No You Don’t, your a property dealer, so all you need is a good Option
    Agreement, and $5.00 consideration monies, $5.00 dollars will buy you a $
    million dollar property. My most valuable property was purchased via an
    option for $5.00 dollars, and I’m not joking. If your going to ask me next
    ‘whats an Option Agreement’ my reply with be start reading the job vacancy
    ads, your cut out to be a shelf stacker or mailman, getting a job will alow
    you to capitalize ‘On Your Bad Luck’.

  11. If I had decided to become a mailwoman or shelf stacker there’s nothing
    wrong with those jobs. I do not need to tell you what type of business I
    own or how I run my real estate investments. Soon, you will be looking for
    jobs on Monster! With your attitude, lack of experience, and being a know
    it all I would never hire you!

  12. I’m a British Subject as well…so what! It seems someone is assisting you
    in finally forming sentences and you have turned your spell check on! I
    don’t care where you live and what grades you received in real estate
    school! I’ve not made one “snide” remark to anyone until I’ve had to defend
    myself against your ignorance! Are you trying to drive people way from this
    “Liberty” channel? Well done! You are a clear cut case of mistaken
    non-entity! UNSUBBED….bullies on this channel!

  13. Nova, has it not occurred to you I am a registered BLIND PERSON, and for
    the last 4 weeks my eyes have been very painful and are slowly killing me,
    I have great trouble looking at the screen. It amuses me a strong person
    such has myself can’t see, me whose never had a days illness ever, and seen
    that, and done that. So you win the argument, please wear your Rolex with
    pride, park your flash car outside the front door, it matters not to me,
    let the world know you can turn your own spell check on

  14. SherwoodArrow, you are a total lunatic with a severe case of BS! “Rolex and
    Flash a Car?” Again, you are making assumptions and your snide remarks make
    me want to YAWN! However, if you work hard maybe you can purchase a rolex
    and buy a flashy car! There’s nothing wrong with it…It’s called
    capitalism and I’m all for it! Go pester someone else with your
    non-sense…move on!

  15. shut up and you all sing the same song about real estate investing and yet
    you’re selling books to make money…

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  17. Great info – love the energy! Your success in Real Estate Investing Does
    Depend On The Investors motivation!

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  19. Which cities/areas do you guys think got the best potential for real estate
    to come back(growth)? and your reasons behind it please. I am moving, and
    thinking about moving to some cities that got great potential for real
    estate in the next 10,20 years. Not sure if it’s wise to move just based on
    the real estate market there, but it is a great time to invest in RE now
    right? I think 50% on my decision will be based on if I like the
    city/state, and 50% on how good the real estate is there. thanks

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