11 thoughts on “Real Estate Marketing Tip: Making Real Estate Videos – Part 3”

  1. Hey Borino, I had no idea you were a Real Estate Coach. Let’s talk. PM me
    off FB. Cheers! (Love the vid)

  2. Thanks again for all the wonderful information. I always find a few nuggets
    of information as I watch your videos. Thank you!

  3. i may be 65 but i am still learning , and this video was extremely
    educational and you taught me well ! now i need to find the items that i
    need to make a great video with my galaxy s4 !

    thank you again !

  4. Real estate marketing has a variety of strategies available to investors
    and agents. Making sure that the correct ones are used and applied will
    determine the results seen from them.

  5. “wouldn’t it be fun to add a little rhianna to your real estate videos?”
    you crack me up man lol

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