25 thoughts on “Pricing Strategies in Marketing”

  1. The site is on sophia.org and you can search for Pricing Strategies.
    Apparently I’m not able to post the direct link here.

  2. In a general business context, margin (or EBIT) is the difference between a
    product’s (or service’s) selling price and the cost of production. Profit
    may be very different after interest, depreciation, tax & amortisation

  3. You are right. Early in the video I mentioned that pricing is quite
    complicated but I’d be simplifying it to get the concepts across. Every
    company has a different mix of tax rates and other accounting factors. In
    order to set strategy at a higher level it’s helpful to look at a less
    muddy number.

  4. Thanks for your efforts. Could you please provide a link for that Sophia
    non profit website, I couldn’t find it. Thnx

  5. Best video I have found about product pricing. Thanks a bunch for your help
    and I will subscribe to your page.

  6. I am preparing for my Exec MBA Exams [last minute preparation honestly] and
    i think i don’t need to run around for understanding what Skimming and
    Penetration strategies means, 🙂 I got my answer in 19:34 secs. Cheers!!!

  7. dnlxl – take a look in the video description. I’m not able to put websites
    in the comment box. You can search for sophia online as well.

  8. Useful video here, thanks, nice and simple. A business must take many
    factors into account before deciding on the price of a product. A business
    must consider whether the product is a budget or luxury product and how the
    price will reflect the customer perception of the quality of the product,
    what a customer is prepared to pay, what competitors are charging and the
    cost of the actual product – the business needs to make a mark up!

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  10. Hi! Very nice video, it was very usefull! Where are the answers for the
    last slide? Many thanks!

  11. thanks very much and i hope u continue to educate so that one day someone
    can be an entrepreneur or do better in their business field thanks to you

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