Perfecting Your Business Development Strategies

New York Technology Council – Perfecting Your Business Development Strategies – Effective ways to generate leads, develop new relationships & upsell existing clients – at Anchin NYC on Dec 12 2012.

Our featured panelists share effective ways to generate leads, develop new client relationships, increase sales and upsell existing clients.

Topics include:

* Identifying unique selling points
* How to secure an in-person meeting with a C-level executive
* Negotiating and signing partnership deals
* Using data to drive your business development efforts
* Finessing your weaknesses during tough negotiations
* Preparing for issues that could impede the closing of a deal
* Upselling existing clients


Laurie Davis, Founder,
Heidi Lehmann, Co-founder & CEO, MoxieQ
Katherine Long, Director of Client Services, EachScape
Mary Park, Consultant, Mobile advertising and mobile commerce

Veronika Sonsev, CEO & Founder, InSparq


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