25 thoughts on “New Agent Advice from 12 Top Real Estate Agents”

  1. Thanks, Wayne. You have incredible skills. Thank you for sharing your
    advice during your interview on Top Agent Interviews. You have an
    incredible story filled with challenges and inspiration.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. To clarify: 5 of the 12 agents made their mark
    in REO. 7 are traditional retail agents (referrals, past clients, sphere of
    influence, door knocking, internet leads, print ads, etc.). The Great
    Recession of the last 5 years set this in motion. These agents shifted with
    the market (nothing else was selling)…now many are shifting back. Why not
    listen to their wisdom? They just survived when most perished. A wise man
    once said – Get out of judgment and into curiosity.

  3. Agreed! Thank you for your feedback. Amazingly, these agents are willing to
    share what they did to get to the top.

  4. Are you a new agent? Get advice from 12 of the top real estate agents in
    the western real estate scene. New Agent Advice from 12 Top Real Estate

  5. This is an inspirational video. It shows agents what is possible AND gives
    awesome advice to new agents just getting started. Why would you want to
    limit the potential of any new agent? Who are you to say what is possible?
    For a thousand years, it was believed that no one could run the mile in
    under 4 minutes. Then Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mark. Within a few
    short years dozens of runners beat 4 min. Sometimes just knowing that
    someone else achieved greatness allows us to do the same.

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  7. Great info everyone. Former Realtor in California with Re/max, had to move
    out of state & starting over in CO after being out of the business a few
    years. looking forward to coming back stronger than ever.

  8. Great advice! A career as a real estate agent can bring great wealth and
    satisfaction, but requires a lot of effort.

  9. There are some great points in there. For me getting started = doing
    something every day to build my business and being positive. Whenever I
    heard a “no” while prospecting, that was great, because it meant I was that
    much close to a “yes.” 

  10. I thought that there were some very helpful tips for new agents. I really
    like the farming and be seen comments. To be successful you just have to
    keep your head up and continually be growing your business.

  11. This was great even for a seasoned realtor…sometimes we just need to sit
    down and go back to the basics and reinvent ourselves to keep our business
    fresh and empowering. Enjoyed this piece…thank you.

  12. Thank you all sooo much. I am truly inspired to move forward. Two of them
    gave me a great idea. DO MULTIPLE OPEN HOUSES !!

  13. con someone tell me what he meant by saying instead of cold calling start a
    referral service or business?? Thanks.

  14. That was a great knowledge you share with us, the remaining part is to put
    it into action by the new agents, thank you guys.

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  16. Awesome, Awesome video. So very inspirational! Cant wait to get out and
    start door knocking. Prospect, Prospect, Prospect!!

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