25 thoughts on “Must Watch Florida Real Estate Exam Prep great Tips INfo +++”

  1. I watched you last week and passed the Florida state exam on the first
    shot. Thanks Bro for the help! Your a dahm good musician too!

  2. @watthefuckusername Keep your Head up Take A deep Breath you’ll Be fine.
    Let me know how it goes I’m sure you’ll pass

  3. then take the next 10 months and do a 31,30,31,30 pattern for 5 counts. you
    should end at july with 31 days. Start over for 5 counts at Agust but
    remember to start with 31 days! (july and august are the only 2 months back
    to back with 31 days on the timeline (not counting Jan and dec cuz they are
    on opposite ends of the timeline). continue the 31 30 pattern until you end
    on dec.

  4. You could also try this stupid little rhyme I was taught when I was a kid.
    30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31,
    Save February for 28 days clear, and 29 each leap year.

  5. Ive always passed any tests given to me with flying colors. I even scored
    in the top 10% of every person to ever have taken the college entrance exam
    to enter Broward County’s school system. The FL real estate exam has nailed
    me twice so far. Failed it by one question the first time and by two the
    next. I’m scarred to take it again no matter how much I study. Score 100%
    nearly every time I take a practice test and still haven’t passed. So
    you’re right in telling people to not be discouraged.

  6. is the end of course exam that you have to pass before you can take the
    state exam an open book test?

  7. This really helped!! I will be going for my third try this friday! And I
    really just want to pass! Thanks for taking the time out to make this
    video! You’re great! 🙂

  8. I only paid $220 in Orlando, with Ron Climer School of Real Estste. He is
    an awesome teacher, too! climerrealestateschool (dot) com

  9. Dude that is great news man Way to Go, So Glad I could help if their is
    anything else I can do for any of you feel free to let me know

  10. I am so glad I came across this video. I took my exam 2 weeks ago and got a
    67. I was so depressed. I’m taking it again on the 9th of July. I will be
    taking all your tips. Wish me luck!

  11. Ron Climer math videos claims those math questions are on the state
    exam,well far I the exam twice and failed both times! Those math questions
    are not even. On the state exam.

  12. Mike you are right the exact questions are not on the exam but its the
    methodology that is the important part and is on the exam. For me I got
    9/10 on the math and I know the one I got wrong was the one I went back and
    changed. Keep your head up keep moving forward you will get it I had to
    take it 3 times on my second try I failed it by one question, So I
    understand the frustrations.

  13. Seriously! I did this class over the internet and within 16 days of
    starting this class I took the class and passed. I got up at 5 and studied
    until 4 for 16 days. I wish they would give scores when you passed. I know
    I got in the 90 percentile.

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