10 thoughts on “More Yifat Cohen G+ Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Your Small Business”

  1. Thank you +Yifat Cohen for packing in so much information .
    My key takeaway is the hashtag management.
    I was amazed at how you can build authority about a topic, through
    strategic hashtag use!
    +Jason T. Wiser you certainly are going to be seeing a lot more of me: love
    your energy and the fabulous line up of guests you manage to pull off. Yep!
    First timer on your channel.

  2. +Jason T. Wiser and +Yifat Cohen Interesting to hear google knows us by
    our hashtags. I often think people are jamming up their google I.D. with
    all sorts of crazy hashtags. I like the idea of creating our own specific
    ones. Even when we think we know, its good to rethink how to use them.

    +Dustin W. Stout Looking forward to your new hangouts you mention! I was
    thinking last week, what is +dustn.tv going to become? When is someone
    going to talk about design and impact and related psychology. But then you
    may be planning something else! 🙂


  3. +Jason T. Wiser many thnax for a truly great HOA that you hosted with +Yifat
    Cohen and other friends. As always there were some truly great
    take-awys.especialy the stuff about using #HASHTAGS #fFUFISM 

  4. Thanks +Jason T. Wiser for having me on your HOA to meet +Yifat Cohen – I
    can now cross meeting Yifat off my bucket list. #Swoon

    #OnTrackTips #YifatCohen #GooglePlus cc: +Dirigo Creative 

  5. Do you Really want to Maximize Google and Google+ ? Then Check out +Yifat
    Cohen +Jason T. Wiser and keep following +Big Frank West and +ALL THINGS
    AUTO_ by Big Frank West 

  6. *”#21. Never stop learning”* +Nikol Murphy
    Tips for using #hashtag +Yifat Cohen

    Thanks to +Jason T. Wiser +Jake St. Peter +Elene Marsden +Dustin W. Stout
    and Diane.

    #googleplus #googleplustips 

  7. fynny comment +Yifat Cohen 🙂 Google tells you if your on track with your
    # and if you are off track, click on the red button…OnTrackTips.com +Jason
    T. Wiser *is here for sure, to help*

  8. I missed the opportunity to join you LIVE in the panel +Jason T. Wiser ,
    you must have gone beyond your fear of uncontrolled guests behavior :)

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