3 thoughts on “Mobile Home Leak, Mobile Home Repair, Roof Leaks”

  1. Drew, I have to repair my mobile home roof myself. I’m going to check it
    and plug holes. But, what should I put over the whole roof to seal it and
    stop leaks. Thanks, April

  2. when screwing down that osb you say every 6 inches at the seam. what are
    your screws biting? arent these roofs only 2×2 trusses every 2 feet? sounds
    odd that the metal would be right on the trusses with no sheeting but the
    couple mobile homes I have feel pretty sloppy in between all the trusses
    like there isnt anything under there at all… so I always try on walk on a
    truss. (these are both fairly old single wides, probably late 70s maybe)

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