14 thoughts on “Mobile Home Floor repair. Leaking roof over trailer Roof Repair trailer floors”

  1. great job guys..and nice camera work. I notice you are using the Flip, have
    you noticed Flip Share will not upload in HD ? I also use a Flip, you can
    just click the upload button on your youtube account and select the file
    from the temporary flip drive and upload in HD 😉 Keep the videos coming!

  2. I feel your pain on this one! I have been replacing the floor in my
    brothers Double Wide, the people that lived there before let the washer
    leak or overflow for a long time…I was showing him how soft the foor
    was….I ended up in the Crawl Space!

  3. nice job!! Singlewide right? What year? I have a house that my friend and I
    will be redoing the floors in the master bedroom…it’s an 83–there is
    also a big spot in the living room which we’ll replace too…again,
    excellent job!! Like your choice in carpet too…

  4. From what I could tell, it looked like a good video, However, The camera
    work needs to be worked on. Most of the time your camera is moving so fast
    it doesn’t have time to focus, much less give the viewer a chance to see
    what your trying to show them, So slow don with the camera, make nice slow
    movements,and let the camera do the work. You can shoot longer scenes and
    edit them together and possibly do a voice over in editing if you want to
    ty something like that Just some ideas, Ken

  5. While insulation in flooring is nice, most houses don’t have it, nor do
    most houses have soft spots in their flooring and insulation in the floor
    is inviting for insects and mammals as well, most lieky the floor is soft
    from the roof leaking down into the walls and under the flooring, over the
    years it can eat out the wall studs as well, all while the owner is
    clueless it’s going on.

  6. @baseballgrader I would charge about 1000, You get more costumers. Be
    cheaper then everyone else. YOu get more Jobs and then you aslo get paid
    better. You may think 4000 is alot but There are more people out there
    looking and asking for price thats cheap and not expensive for just a small
    single wide.

  7. You guys move your camera way too fast and about make me sea sick just to
    watch your vid!!! Please slow down!

  8. What happens if your weak spot is near the wall. The floor in front of my
    front door is partially detached and I have to step over it onto the stable
    section to get into my trailer. Do the same principles apply or might the
    cross beams the floor screws into might be detached from the wall near the
    door. I can literally see the siding peeking out from where the floors
    dropped down near my front door.

  9. . Judging by the space between the support beams in your video either the
    beams in my trailer are further apart or they are no longer attached near
    the door. I plan on moving out of this place within the year either moving
    into a new trailer on the same lot or buying a house. I figure worse case
    scenario I could always get a couple floor jacks and prop it back up.

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