25 thoughts on “Mike Koenigs 2014 Business Marketing Predictions, Strategies & Tools for Content Marketing”

  1. As always, right on the mark. Always enjoy listening in to likeminded
    forward thinkers who don’t go with the flow, but instead, become the
    Looking forward to the next event!

  2. Great to watch and listen on office clean up day. So much to look forward
    to in 2014, great show today guys, looking forward to making this the year
    about me. Rock on

  3. Mike you are a marketing guru as always delivering a very practical
    message.You are always a step ahead of the crowd.
    Thank you 

  4. Thanks a million Mike, this content is unbelievable. Signed up for the
    upcoming event and shared this to my 4000+ Twitter followers, it’s that
    MusicLuv, The SC.

  5. Wow! Thank you for the kind words, great comments and shares! Please keep
    them coming and tell me what you’re planning on implementing and doing this
    coming year…

  6. Lots of great comments and feedback so far on my 2014 marketing and content
    predictions AND there’s lots of interest in a follow-on webcast we have
    scheduled for January 9th. Please let me know what you think and post any
    questions you’d like my team and I to answer!

    Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!

  7. Mike and Ed knocked it out of the park with this video of 2014 predictions
    in the market place. Watch-Learn-Take Action!

  8. Hi Mike…that was a POWER HOUR for sure! Thanks for the kind words, and
    super pumped for an amazing 2014!

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    code for $15 off and it worked. You can enter it in the app itself or on
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    Hope it helps

  10. Hi Mike…that was a POWER HOUR for sure! Thanks for the kind words, and
    super pumped for an amazing 2014!

  11. The comments and feedback continue to come in – and when you search for
    2014 content marketing predictions, 2014 business predictions, 2014
    marketing predictions, this video and links show up towards thr top of a
    Google search. It just goes to show how powerful content marketing is and
    how well video marketi works to increase engagement and produce
    high-quality search results.

    On January 9th, we’ll be livcasting a Google Hangout and announcing new
    tools and discussing the latest strategies for video, mobile, social media,
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    We’ll have live interactive chat, and lots of fun!

  12. Wow! This video has gold nuggets. love the Quote:
    “You Don’t Want To Be The First One To Die When The Tigers Come” … 3D
    Printing and
    Hulu close to 1 billion in Rev.
    Virtual benefits.
    80% College Kids text while they drive!

    A Current Demand
    B Emerging demand
    C Latent Demand

    So much more … thanks a million

  13. A great marketer shares his insight on the next year. very much worth
    watching. Happy New Year!

  14. Digital Cafe’s Mike and Ed totally deliver the goods in Jolly good form.
    Common sense maybe more like crystal ball marketing news for the 2014.

  15. This is some wild stuff! Why? It’s “wild” because if your eyes are open you
    probably already “see” this stuff happening. We are on the front end of
    these “predictions” that are already taking place.

  16. Big fan – Mike and his team have already taught me so much – check this out
    and get up to speed.

  17. You two are fantastic. Thank you for an inspiring and educational talk. I
    liked your comment about eating your young or being willing to destroy your
    business in order to create something new.

  18. In addition to my last comment, my girlfriend and I live in a arts
    community, 60 residents here that are artist. The old co-op system is out
    dated in the building and we need to reinvent something here to allow
    individuals to thrive.

  19. Thank you Mike for your many insight of wisdom
    You’re really stretching my forward thinking.
    It looks like I need to view the other videos 24 that you put together!

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