Melanie Duncan’s Tips & Strategies for Building a Successful Online Business

Melanie Duncan has grown 3 incredibly successful online businesses, which now generate over million every year. Here she shares how she got started and her top tips for how to build a successful online business.

Posted by Tommy Cook

I'm a Quality Control Technician who is really into keeping things spotless and perfect. I love to talk about business, sports and taking risks. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind and I do love a healthy exchange of ideas.

12 thoughts on “Melanie Duncan’s Tips & Strategies for Building a Successful Online Business”

  1. In this week’s video Melanie Duncan shares her top tips for building a
    successful online business, check it out…

  2. Thanks Melanie. Your insights have been really helpful. Especially for my
    new startup that I just started 2 weeks ago! I just got to be flexible and
    push a little further! Thanks Carrie. You are my inspiration as usual. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you found it helpful 🙂 good luck with your business, I’m sure
    it’ll be amazing!!

  4. Nice work Carrie. I know Melanie through her training but loved hearing her
    inspiring story.

  5. Carrie thank for inspiring young men like me as well… I’m building a
    dutch online magazine to spread knowledge and setting up a webdesign
    business. It’s hard haha. 

  6. i love how honest she was and how she talked about her struggles and told
    what she really face as an entrepreneur. great interview

  7. No need to reinvent the wheel. If someone did it right why does it takes so
    long to learn from scratch

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