Marketing Strategies – 4 Essentials On How To Market Your Company

Want more in-depth training? Visit and download The 6 Secrets To Excellent Customer Service today! For marketing strategy services visit or call (858) 367-0289. In this YouTube video, learn the 4 essentials on “How to market your company?” in this complimentary series from business coach and consultant, David Brownlee. President of David Brownlee and Associates and founder of Call or email us today to find out we can help grow your business through coaching, consulting or our training programs (858) 367-0289 [email protected]

Nov 12, 2012 — The days of SEO being all about gaming the search engines to rank for terms are over. To truly win in the long term, we have to focus on how to market a business. 4 low-cost ways to market your business can be found here. Too many small-business owners think marketing is like a trip to the dentist — something you just have to do every few years. You might be missing a crucial business aspect: marketing — or telling people why your brand is best. For Surety Companies and Agents · Bond Guarantee Application Forms marketing is importan. Nov 9, 2012 – Uploaded by
Watch “How To Market A Company” and the entire video series from David Brownlee. Effective internet marketing strategies for search engines, mobile and email to your circle of family and friends. We look back at the social media giant’s highs and lows as a public company. May 19, 2010 — From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great time to own or start a small business. When an endorsement comes from someone outside of your company, like a David Brownlee, life is good. Dec 6, 2011 — 5 slick ways to market your small business. If you want to grow your company in 2013, think a little bit different. 1. Find new ways to do ‘free’ marketing. Aug 13, 2013 — Who said marketing has to be expensive? Whether you have money to spend on marketing or not, there a lot of ways to go about it. Oct 12, 2012 — By David Brownlee, David Brownlee and Associates. Bury your competition by knowing what marketing works. Within the arena of online marketing, I’ve had great success with Oct 30, 2007 — Joining an online social network such as Facebook can put you in touch with millions of like-minded professionals around the world. It also can also be very inexpensive. 2 days ago — Learn about marketing careers, the stages of developing a marketing plan, how to begin marketing research, create a marketing strategy, and more. Dec 7, 2012 — How to market a business is a question all business owners ask, and it has answers at Rarely does anyone pay for a product from a company it despises. Roofing companies that work on residences or commercial construction projects must rely on more than their workmanship to bring in a constant flow of new business. Jan 6, 2011 — Creating videos can be a very effective and easy way to market your company. Here are 5 simple ones you can make to help get the word out. Like most construction trades, roofers rely on their reputations. But unlike the industry of the last generation, a solid reputation is not built by adhering to the ” old ways.”. Content marketing is not tweets, posts or updates. Content is art mixed with science and strung together with words, images, video, and audio. We’re a digital world. How to Start a Market Research Company. A market research company analyzes and gathers information about specific market segments. Businesses hire David Brownlee to help their businesses. How to Market a Real Estate Company. Knowing how to market a real estate company successfully can be the difference between the success and failure of a small business. Dec 23, 2011 — Here’s a quick and easy way to create a memorable brand for your company. Just don’t take it too seriously. Marketing is one of the hottest industries of the 21st century. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for marketing research analysts will increase 41 percent.

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  1. I believe you about Social Media. I’ve been trying to use it to promote my
    business for a few years, without much result. Direct mail, videos, and
    targeting highly likely prospects has been what is profitable. Your talk
    about your ideal client is spot on. Valuable sales training video. You can
    use this as an elevator speech too.

  2. Definitely, this video was truly helpful for me. Being a newcomer in
    business u have to work hard to get established and grow. Well i m working
    for a new Website designing firm and it will be great to know any marketing
    strategy that helps getting me more clients.

  3. Way to go David. Direct, insightful, informative fact filled, passionate
    and enthusiastic. You are a professional and I thank you for your
    inspiration and for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated and see you at
    the TOP!! Frederick Agee Marietta GA.

  4. I have been marketing my company on social media for about 6 months. The
    last 2 months on Facebook everyday about 4 hours a day. So I decided to ask
    a couple of my friends and family for referrals. Sadly I got what is it
    that you do? 

  5. I am constantly looking for straight forward business advise. Thank you for
    cutting through the clutter and producing this very helpful video. Much

  6. You might have mentioned this in the video, but maybe I didn’t understand.
    My question is, how do I go about getting new clients? Meaning, if I were
    to walk to and office, who would I talk to to discuss our company? 

  7. I really enjoyed your video I am just getting stated in a new business,and
    this information is just what I needed. Your a great teacher!!!

  8. I am a young graduate in charge of a small design, t-shirt and offset print
    company. My challenge is how to increase client base from my current 3 main
    client. I need help.

  9. Great video David! Really appreciate what you’ve provided. I have a
    question regarding the website/blog. Can those be one in the same? For
    example, I have a blog on my website…will this offer the same sort of
    exposure, or is it best to have a separate website for your blog that
    brings them to your business website? Many thanks!

  10. Great video! My brother and I are young entrepreneurs, & this video is
    terrific for us. Covers a lot of great bases and encourages us to research
    and learn more. Thank you!! 

  11. Good Evening, I started a cupcake business in a small town which has been
    very challenging. I am having a difficult time figuring out exactly how to
    market my cupcakes to increase my client base. Help.

  12. Great short and precise presentation. I have a business called “Discovery
    Printing And Signs” in Detroit. Can you assist me in the marketing aspect.
    Please contact me to find out how much it costs? My email is
    [email protected] or you can call me:

  13. Hello! Great video 🙂

    If I want to start a business in multi things like candles, fashion
    clothing, real estate etc. should I have multi social media accounts and

  14. What’s funny is I’ve been studying seo for hours a day and in the one and a
    half minutes that you explained it was more effective to me than the books,
    and seminars. I knew everything that you have talked about in this video
    and have been doing all of it. But the way you explained it I feel like I
    have literatly learned something I never knew. Awesome

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