Marketing Plan Sample – 5 Simple Steps To Market Any Business

Posted by Tommy Cook

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39 thoughts on “Marketing Plan Sample – 5 Simple Steps To Market Any Business”

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  2. Yeah. Where’s the link? (I figure the link is where something’s for sale).
    I’m seeking video for high schoolers re business plan, he’s almost there.
    School district tossed out our VHS videos on marketing, bwah!

  3. Great tips, its always a thing we tell people is that they have to have a
    good marketing plan, and a sales action plan. You also hit the nail on the
    head with identiftying a problem a consumer has, aggitate it then offer the
    solution with the product.

  4. I liked the content. Very clean presentation of how to attract your target
    market customers. Thanks Tyson.

  5. Wow, that was very helpful to me. I liked the clarity and simplicity of it.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  6. by thw way, which is better.. taking medicine then proceed to study
    marketing or marketing then proced to study medicine?? HELPIE

  7. Keeping it simple is so important. Having a blueprint can help a lot of
    businesses. Great work on getting this information out there.

  8. great information thanks,i get it,and iam believing has transformed me
    ,continue to send me

  9. Gonna take these tips and utilize them in my next promotional campaign. I
    haven’t really thought about my target market. because I want to supply for
    both men and women. And incorporate many different styles and designs to my
    store. It’s gonna take me some time to get that one done, but it’s going to
    be worth it.

  10. your a fucking genius ive been reading marketing books for the last 3 years
    learned more in watching this 5 min video

  11. your a fucking genius ive been reading marketing books for the last 3 years
    learned more in watching this 5 min video

  12. great video, these are some really great tips. i’ve been using also Capzool
    to find content for my accounts and schedule them to upload whenever I
    don’t have the time to do it myself.

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