6 thoughts on “Marketing a business with flyers – strategies, tips and ideas”

  1. Dear friends, if you have questions or additional comments, please share
    them here in the comments. I’ll help you if you have questions and would
    love to hear your insights if you have additional tips.

  2. I am trying to come up with some creative ways to promote my business. I
    have thought about knocking on doors, leaving business cards on mailbox,
    Any suggestions?

  3. I am starting at a Barbershop and I have actually been cutting longer then
    all the Barbers there and I like them and they are good Barbers. I am very
    good but to the hight volume of people that come in,They see me as a new
    Barber. I am gaining customers slow because when I do a cut the people
    waiting on the other Barbers see it and I get a few customers from that.
    I am going to post flyers at the two Gasoline markets they have on the
    block and hand out flyers to the businesses there. One thing I have a
    problem with is that there is one Barber there that has a huge clientele
    but I think he is undercutting so if Haircut is $13 I think he is charging
    most people $12. Any tips

  4. Hello thank you

    You mentioned that there are a whole bunch of different ways but you didn’t
    mention what they are can you make a video specific for the best way of
    marketing your business I would so appreciate

    Thank you

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