25 thoughts on “Life On The Road | Learn Guitar With David Brent”

  1. This weekend I have been learning guitar with this guy…great song. And
    I’m sure I’ve been to that Costa in Gloucester too. 

  2. So happy Daivd Brent surfacing again. He NEEDS to be in more stuff again as
    he’s one of my top characters ever. He summarizes all morons ive ever
    known, and Ricky plays him so damn well.

    Please Ricky we need moar (also a new show? with at least appearances?). 😀


  3. Does anyone know why he has his guitar tuned down a step? His strings are
    DGCFAD. So yeah, if anyone’s trying to play along and it sounds terrible,
    that’s why!

  4. David Brent is very present on the guitar learn pages and he is good at
    teaching but his speeches before some of the excercises are a bit much at

  5. I learnt guitar more or less this way and 13 years later i say listen to
    Ricky. Best way to learn the instrument.

  6. Your comedy is pure genius, hypocritical, intelligent and brilliant. I had
    to make sure people who read this comment didn’t miss the part where I said
    you were smart, twice. It’s not like anyone need’s my, or anyone’s opinion
    on how amazing a comedian you are, but in case they do.. 

  7. I know this is comedy (obviously, because it’s funny,) but is this a
    complete spoof, or is it like him actually trying to show some basics, just
    doing it his way? Because I felt like it was for real on that level (his
    sincerity on guitar tips and such) but with this dude it’s impossible to
    ever know lol

  8. Classic lyrics 🙂 Almost timeless:)… Have you ever played the Marquee
    Club ward our street ? …ova 

  9. Nice video. I like it because I actually have a “life on the road” since I
    am a guitar tech!
    Have a great day!

  10. I don’t know why, but I always lose it as soon as that picture fades in at
    0:30 :L
    It’s just so good :L

  11. Ha! Never fails to make me chuckle: Life On The Road | Learn Guitar With
    David Brent #RickyGervais

  12. Hi dave – will we ever see you play electric guitar? I would like to see
    you strumming.

  13. I really wanna work with you someday Ricky. I love these videos and the old
    XFM podcasts have been great in the car hehe.

  14. “What are you going to do with them (the strings)? Whatever you like…
    within reason.” Love that he’s considering the possibility that people
    could do inappropriate things with guitar strings.

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