25 thoughts on “Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson (1)”

  1. It’s been so long since I held a guitar so now I’m here to re-introduce my
    self to the guitar 😀 Thank you

  2. Yes will need to jump the videos on musical notation but do need the
    instruction on how to hold move fingers and get that basic chords going

  3. this is terrible for beginners. U are teaching them how to memorize where
    some notes are but ur not making them understand the right concept of
    notes. I was stuck here a year ago. im glad i left ur videos and tried smth
    else. Otherwise i wouldnt be able to play anything on the guitar. 

  4. If you are having physical trouble making chords or notes, perhaps the
    guitar needs a quick set up. A guitar that has the action set up is easier
    and more fun to play. Also, you can put lighter(thinner) strings on your
    guitar so you can press the strings on the neck easier. I posted several
    videos on how to set up and/or change strings on your guitar. I hope it can
    help. Have a great day!
    +Sammy Bones

  5. Want to learn guitar come to my channel i’ll teach you all you need to know.


  6. thank you for teaching me how to hold a pick, there was me trying to use my
    teeth or feet… such a fool

  7. XD my violin teacher taught me E.G.B.D.F for Every Good Boat Does Float
    but the notes on the staff are the same so its easier for me thankfully :)

  8. 0:26 I think some of you should look at this and stop being fools. Your vid
    helps a lot danfie.

  9. For all the buffoons who want to knock this video, well I can totally
    appreciate it. No one ever showed me these basics before. Yeah, most people
    have an idea about one thing or another, like the dots, or the pick. It’s
    sweet that this man took a massive step back and looked through the eyes of
    a total beginner and made a video for them, myself included! 

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