25 thoughts on “Learn Guitar – Pentatonic Scale Patterns to practice – How to solo on guitar”

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  2. Thanks Marty for the awesome lesson. I’ve been trying break through that
    soloing wall for a while now. I watch my buddy solo like its no ones
    business. I’ve messed with that scale for quite a while and something
    clicked watching your lesson! Thank you dude so much! My afternoon just got
    a lil more rockin’ lol. 

  3. Mate.. I will tell you this.. THANKS… must say that you do well, I
    learned something that I love easily and I will order your Dvd’s just
    because you really deserve. thanks bro.. all your lessons are fantastic.

  4. We all love what you do for us Marty. Some people should keep their shitty
    comments to themselfs. Don’t like it don’t watch it! Keep kicking out the
    videos Marty can’t get enough 

  5. Marty i was just thinking today you’ve taught me a lot of shit….. Thanks
    man 🙂 I seem to learn way better from your vids then others.

  6. Good stuff. I like to call that a ladder sequence. where you play 3 notes
    and start the next part of the sequence on the 2nd to last note and keep
    going down. or up!! i did this a lot with Phrygian and Ionian.

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