14 thoughts on “Landlord: How to be a Good Landlord – Real Estate Investing Advice, Tips”

  1. I agree about the journalling. I do this every day in the office for leads,
    maint, everything! Being a landlord involves a lot of juggling. Some people
    don’t realize how many things we are trying to do at once.

  2. If new restaurant build right next to yours property is that gonna increase
    or decrease yours property

  3. Thanks Kristin. My wife rocks when it comes to decorating. I am in Powell,
    where are you in Cbus? Do you currently have rentals?

  4. I love your landlord advice! Would you consider subscribing to my channel
    and checking out my landlord videos! I’ll return the honor!
    Many Thanks!
    Coach Dom Costa
    Domenic Costa

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