10 thoughts on “Interview Strategy from Harvard Business School”

  1. First get in the army and then go to interviews. You will be much more
    advantageous and proximity to reach to the top.

  2. what if the interviewers say: well about the great performers and criteria
    we are looking for, we’ve listed them all in the job advertisement, you
    didn’t read them, did you? boom, you’ll look like a complete idiot

  3. These places churn-out greedy arrogant people that go into companies and
    screw over those folks that do the actual work. I got canned from a
    manufacturing company in April of last year. I was there for 18-years doing
    work that was often grueling. But then in ’08 a new CEO came in and she,
    with the help of her board cronies, was given a bonus of over $6-million.
    She then made the shareholders happy by recouping the $ by replacing
    HUNDREDS of us with people willing to work for peanuts! Kill’EmAll

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  5. Great question – what would a great performer in this position look like –
    I just wrote that down – good one to memorize. Thanks! And I didn’t have to
    go to Harvard Business School to get this. Good stuff 😉

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