Insane Strategies! Infinite Regen Soldier!

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25 thoughts on “Insane Strategies! Infinite Regen Soldier!”

  1. I really like the idea of these loadouts that arnt OP, they arnt obviously
    gonna work, but they have… potential…
    Or even just crazy strategies! Tell me if you have any of your own!

  2. Im hoping to put out a video this week which kinda shows the ‘behind the
    scenes’ of making a top 10 episode. I think it could be really cool :)

  3. I have played with this loadout before and it’s amazing. The only thing you
    have to look out for is ubered enemies because you won’t get the 15 heal
    points off them. Besides that this loadout pretty much makes you almost

  4. Here’s an idea: Beggars bazooka, panic attack, and the equalizer. It has
    completely different dynamics from the regular soldier but I works REALLT
    good for me, along with being completely out-there and wierd.

  5. I got a loadout:
    Short Circuit
    Wrench of your choice (I use eureka effect)

    Basically this is the supper support engie, you whip out that short circuit
    and you USE THAT SHIT. Protect your sentry: good. Protect your teammates:
    OH GOD YES. You stand on that front line and make demomen and soldiers BEG
    FOR MERCY. The enemy will barely scratch em with you out there making the
    medic feel unneeded. Arrows? WHAT ARROW? IT’S GONE, I ZAPPED THAT BITCH.
    AND NOW YOU’RE FULL OF LEAD. Flare guns? Never heard of em. Jarate? You
    wish. Stickies? Not on my cart. Uber Soldiers? I’ll make you wish you could

    So yea, sacrificing building focus for extreme support is how I play engie
    now. Pretty much a soldier or demo will fire their clip and just watch
    those projectiles disappear, leaving them wide open for some shotgun
    blasting while they either reload or change weapons. Sometimes they catch
    on early and switch back and forth between projectiles and bullets but
    since projectiles take i split second to actually make contact, a quick
    player can counter it easy. If you’re on your own you can do some work, but
    teaming up with a heavy or soldier can really ruin the enemy’s day. Not to
    mention defending your sentry is way easier. The only way to take down a
    short circuit protected sentry is to wait for the engie to leave, go spy,
    or go in with uber.

  6. Loadout ideas & names:
    Scout: Like Father Like Son – Back Scatter + Bonk! + Any Melee
    Sniper: Water Works – Sydney Sleeper + Jarate + Bushwacka
    Demoman: Death From Above – BASE Jumper + Any Stickybomb Launcher (Stock
    preferred) + Any Melee (Caber only to be cheap, Pain Train useful for
    capturing after killing)

  7. not crazy at all, this is a lot of people’s go to soldier loadout since the
    Liberty Launcher got nerfed and the Concheror got buffed, but they use
    Escape Plan as the melee for obvious reasons- low health, escape fast while

  8. instead of ham you should use one of the pickaxes the equalizer or escape
    plan bacause if you ran out of ammo and you had to use melee you would have
    an advantage

  9. “It’s just one of those shower moments.”

    Muselk 2015

    Insane Strategy: Pocket Basher

    Class: Scout/Medic

    The Shortstop, Mad Milk, and Boston Basher as scout.
    The Quick-Fix, Amputator, and Overdose as Medic.

    Get a medic or a scout to go either of these loadouts and swing away at
    enemies until their faces bleed just because they caught a glance of you
    and your spiky wooden stick.

  10. I’ve met a guy on server who used this loadout. He crushed the entire team.
    On december 22(the day I played and made a screenshot for his australium
    Black box), his BB had :
    -23.150 kils
    -1965 dominations
    -3814 airbone kills
    -6.690625 damage dealt

    I found him on Steam and now he’s got:
    Strange Rocket Launcher – Kills: 38551
    (Airborne Enemy Kills: 6538)
    (Dominations: 3250)
    (Damage Dealt: 11039891)

    All that in less than a month. I’ve got to say thatguy was good, he did
    some rocket jump maneuvers that impressed ( As he descended onto the
    ground- he had rocket jumped- he strafed twice to dodge my 2 rockets.
    That happened in a really short time, ~4 seconds. INSANE )

  11. This is the Loadout I recommend to any newbies wanting to learn TF2 and
    the Soldier. It’s a perfect starting point for them since noobs don’t want
    to use a shotgun when they have a rocket launcher, and they have no idea
    where health packs are.

  12. loadout for koth king: scout, back scatter,winger,the bonk bat forgot its
    name XD its realy fun climbing on the stuff and waiting for enemys to pass
    bellow you

  13. try sandman plus the flying guillotine, if you hit them with the ball and
    then hit them with the guillotine, it will insta kill a heavy no problem.

  14. I just found this awesome loadout for the demo yesterday
    Primary: The B.A.S.E jumper
    Secondary: The Sticky Jumper
    Melee: The Persian Persuader

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