Human Resource Management Lecture Part 02 – HR Strategy And Planning

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36 thoughts on “Human Resource Management Lecture Part 02 – HR Strategy And Planning”

  1. women r way better @ running hr depts then men r!!!thats just a fact!!!!women r better @ hr then men r!!!!

  2. Excelllllllllllent. I very like your course, you explain complicated concepts in simple terms, it’s great job. I love your teaching method. I always bored with English courses, but your lecture is Amazing. Thank you so much.

  3. 1-how to plan quatintative workforce demand on both stragetic and operational level?
    2-Which is the most important functionin in HRM?
    3-If marketing is the most important function what about resaerch anddevelopment?

  4. I appreciate your lessons professor, but what are the requirements for one to be enrolled in that university?

  5. Wow Prof. I have HR this semester in Fashion Marketing and I am really enjoying your lectures. I am hooked. Thank you. Those kids are lucky to have you as a teacher.
    (South African studying at a Canadian Fashion school in the Istanbul campus)

  6. Very clear and understandable. Nice camera by the way, I really feel like I’m in the class. I wish you could provide handouts which will make very good resources. Cheers and Thanks! from Philippines 🙂 Liked and Subscribed.

  7. I felt like I was in this class, Talented Lecturer with great camera and filming, overall outstanding and would recommend for anyone doing HR management

  8. Very talented and smart proffesor, it is a pleasure to listen to him. Explains things very good, and in simple language with nice dose of humor.

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