25 thoughts on “How To Repair a Toilet – The Home Depot”

  1. excellent explinations on how to repair common toilet problems Lord knows
    i’ve had my share of toilet problems 🙁

  2. I can cost money to hire a plumber to fix the toilet. With my toilet.
    Basically the flush valve was having issues. I replace the flush valve. The
    bolt gaskets were worn and water was leaking from the tank. I replace those
    gaskets and find out when I flush the toilet it leaks from under the tank.
    So it looks like the shank washer needs replaced. And I have bought the
    replacements parts from Home Depot and that Shank washer. It will also be
    from Home Depot. Hopefully that will be it.

  3. This is a good video. Even with having part-time maintenance experience, I
    didn’t know about the adjustable flapper ( although you can also adjust the
    chain), or the flush-valve seal inside. The food dye is a good idea too, as
    long as you have the time to do so. He showed it in a way that anyone can
    follow, I believe, and I like how he emphysized using gloves when scooping
    out the water. You don’t wanna assume what you’re dealing with when working
    on someone else’s toilet. Anyways, good post

  4. Very helpful now I know what I need to replace on the toilet. Mines been
    acting up over the past few weeks.

  5. I hate the newer toilets.. it might use less water to flush, but 90% of the
    time I have to flush twice..

  6. Why does everyone in corporation America look/sound like this guy? Did he
    go to school to sound as mundane as possible? 

  7. What do you do if there is a screaming Squirrel in it? Please hurry, it is
    keeping my room mate Osama Binladen awake at nights 

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