12 thoughts on “How to grow your business – growth strategies – keynote speaker food and beverages industry”

  1. Very impressive, though the guy is on the verge of turning into charlie
    sheen. RIght where he should be as a presenter.

  2. Any personal examples of companies blind to customers? Interested to read.

  3. Looking forward to your comments on these important issues. And thanks to
    others too for your comments on my others videos which many tens of
    thousands will read with interest over the next months…. Do share your
    insights and thoughts – and remember to tell us which country you live
    in…. I read every comment and reply where I can…

  4. Future = Agile+Emotions+Demographics ! Thank you so much for your message.
    i really enjoyed your speech. So interested. Thank you for share it with us!

  5. So glad you enjoyed the video – take a look at 500 others!

  6. This is great. It just shows that the more you think you know the more you
    discover you don’t know so one must never stop learning. Thanks

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