22 thoughts on “How Soffits and Fascia Are Rotted and Ruined – ProMaster Home Repair Cincinnati”

  1. Thanks for the video Don! Your whiteboard drawing was very helpful! I’m
    having this exact problem (though I don’t have a soffit), but I do have a
    drip edge and the gutter is clear… we’ve been having some rain (not
    driving) and our fascia is getting completely destroyed. What else can I
    check for?

  2. @mar504 : Great question! I made a new video to answer your question. I
    hope this helps!

  3. Thank you soooo much! Your explanation, diagram and “chalk-talk” helped me
    understand the problems I have been having. Very effective and informative

  4. you are not alone take heart we are discovering an underground,group that
    slaps off to each other(,state,farm )insurance,and( All-state)
    insurance,are giving the clams adjuster,jobs,they get a bunch of uneducated
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    cruel,crazy,comments to distract from getting a drip,edge,and not notice if
    the ice Gard is installed,and the proper,flashing,inspection should happen
    just before the roof tiles go down,

  5. 2 things please. 1 is your drawing of a gutter shows the front of the
    gutter 2 times as tall as the back of the gutter and 2 this is very
    important to me, your drip edge looks like it is bent out to about the
    center of the gutter troft. the 4 10 foot long pieces that i bought today
    have a small factory bend sticking out about no more than 1/4 inch. am i
    supposed to bend the drip edge away from the gutter board after installing
    it to be more like your picture?

  6. Brilliant. Best vid on the subject so far I’ve seen after looking at
    several. Do you have stats for how far the shingle should overhang past the
    fascia / roof sheeting? I guess the more shallow the roof angle, the
    further back up the underside of the roofing material the water can travel.

  7. This video rocks. Thanks so much for explaining this in a way that even a
    complete home repair moron can understand. 🙂 I almost wish I lived in
    Cincinnati so I could use your company.

  8. Thank You Don; this video was very helpful to me and very clear to
    understand. But how do you keep birds away from building nests in your
    gutters. Especially black birds? Can you suggest anything that may help.
    Again Thanks!

  9. How important is the overlap of the drip edge over the gutter? Because most
    are only 1/2″ overlap in sections where the gutters are attached with clips.

  10. Omg, I get it. The whiteboard was super helpful. I just bought a house, new
    roof, no drip edge. Fascia and some of the soffit boards(?) are rotted.
    Also a part of the edge of the roof, yet it is a 3 yr old roof! My ins
    company is dropping me unless I fix it in 7 days. I didn’t even know what
    to fix until this. lol. Thanks

  11. Glad we could help! If you have any other problems, let us know. We are
    always looking for more content to cover that really will help out our

  12. The point of the guttering system is to direct water away from the
    foundation of the house. The water comes off the roof and is collected by
    the gutters. The water then flows down the gutters to the downspouts which
    directs the water away from the house. Without the gutters you could have
    basement leakage problems or excessive settling of the foundation leading
    to major structural issues.

  13. Don, I have ben trying to cure this very problem. What I have is a shallow
    pitch shed roof. High on one end low at the other, no ridge, just one roof
    line. I’m in NY right on the Canadian border. I find that in the Winter ice
    and snow build up on the edge of the roof when water run it does exactly
    what you describe. Steel roof over old roofing, seems like I must install
    drip edge facia and soffit. Is not feasible to install gutters because of
    extreme ice build up. What do you think??

  14. Thanks for the excellent explanation. My house doesn’t have a drip-edge. I
    had made some make-shift repairs with some 4″ wide metal tape – but I wish
    I would have seen this video three years ago when I bought the house and
    had a better chance of catching this problem. I need to tear a portion of
    my soffit ASAP because I see peeling paint.

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