25 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?”

  1. @233someone Never. You’re never going to be able to learn “any song”. Or
    create “everything”. They’re are WAY to many genres and styles. No one has
    EVER mastered them all. Sure, their are some GREAT players that are good in
    a few different genres. But for most players. You’ll be lucky to master one
    and have a “handle” on some others. In truth.

  2. I practice every day for 2-3 hours/day. I have a Classical guitar, an
    Acoustic electric, and a Gibson Lespaul Standar. I devide my time. I do an
    hour of Classical, and the rest with either the gibson or acoustic Ibanez.
    I’m getting good with the Scales, and now I’m doing harmonic. This coming
    weekend I will start learning Merengue, and Bachata from the Dominican
    Republic. My goal is to be good 3 to 4 years from now. I wanna play more
    than practice when that time arrive. 3-4 years. It take time.

  3. I don’t know if this is normal but i practice about 6 hours a day non stop
    unless I am learning a song then I take a quick break if I am frustrated.
    Is that weird?

  4. It is a long period of time to be practising but you seem to be alright.
    The main thing is that you are improving.

  5. When i got my guitar it took me about 3 weeks to actually switch the chords
    and 1 month i can switch very fast including barre chords (:

  6. I have been playing for about two months and I know all major minor barre
    power chords. Now i’m just spending anytime I get switching between them.
    I’ll pick two chord say an E and C and just switch between them for ten
    minutes doing all different summing patterns then I’ll do the same with
    finger picking. 

  7. It takes exactly 7 years, 2 months, one day, three hours and 56
    minutes…… and 20 seconds. One minute you are shit and 20 seconds later
    you are Jimmi Hendrix, or are you James Taylor? Spanish? Rock? Jazz?

    What has happened to our youth? Do you know that in the UK a massive
    proportion of the kids didn’t know where milk comes from, that the
    chicken you eat is the bird, that onions grow underground etc…..?
    Did you ever see the movie Idiocrasy? So so prophetic.

    This kid thinks she is wise can you believe that, she should be out having
    fun and learning how the world is with no metaphoric smother mother safety

  8. It took me 4 days to learn my first some. Calling – whereevery you wil go.
    The 10000 rule is the best motivator for me. “it just takes time”

  9. The fact that she’s moving around that much and doesn’t have a strap is
    making me uncomfortable.

  10. after about a year or so i can play fairly good enough to play around the
    fire, pick up songs quickly, solo etc

  11. As a self-taught guitar player and acoustic guitar enthusiast I can
    honestly say that learn how to play guitar literally takes a lifetime and
    I’m not just saying learning how to play its mastering the instrument in my

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