17 thoughts on “Home Repair: Kitchen Tile Re-Grout”

  1. Yes, I waited 2 weeks (the recommended time on the package) and used a

  2. Judging from the type of tile around the sink at the 03:07 camera angle
    change…do you have a video or have plans for a future video of how to
    replace a sink with this type of tile?

  3. Thanks for making this video. I can’t explain how much this helped and how
    much time it saved me.

  4. Great video! I just bought a house, and they reno’d the shower with tile –
    but didn’t seal it (according to the home inspector) so all the grout needs
    to come out and get replaced (cause of the moisture damage). This video
    really helped me out! I’m going to get started this afternoon. – Rebecca

  5. The original sink was replaced in the 70s. When I replace the sink I will
    post a video. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Perfect! Just what I needed to help me re-grout my counters. What is your
    scraper tool called, and where did you get it? All the scraper tools I’ve
    found are too wide for space between my tiles.

  7. I have bought several tools for removing grout. I found that a simple box
    knife works well; however, the tool in the video is sold at harbor freight
    as a windshield removing tool.

  8. Thanks so much , this is exactly what I need to do to my counter top . It’s
    almost Identical to yours!

  9. I’ll grant you the tile is 1950’s..But there is no way the stuff you
    removed with a windshield removal tool is grout..if it were 50 plus yrs old
    it would be so hard that you would slide across the tile surface and
    scratch the the ole tile..There would be dust and chips neither of which
    were seen, what you removed was a silicone based pre-mixed grout and not
    the old portland based cementous grout..Hydetools have a Regrout Tool that
    gets the job done on original old grout!

  10. Thank you very much for loading this tutorial. I just completed my bathroom
    tiles using your instructions! I looks outstanding!! Whew! Dang, it’s alot
    of work! But I’m a 51 year old woman, so I can be worn out! I would tell
    anyone grouting that they’ll be in a grumpy mood from all that!! 😉

  11. Thank you for the tutorial. Much appreciated. Our counter top is pretty
    beat up, but I like it better with bright white grout. You rock!

  12. Currently i have dark brown sanded grout on both the counter and the back
    in various stages of fall-apartedness. Do you think it would work to remove
    all the brown and replace with white? or is that just asking for trouble.

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