25 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords”

  1. İt is really hard to do it for the beginners , i think they should learn
    how to hold string first.

  2. Want to play guitar? come and join me, where i’ll take you in and teach you
    step by step,


  3. 3:07 When I strummed that, it sounded alot different, which order did you
    tune the guitar? I’ve got EADGAE

  4. MY teacher say the third finger is ring finger wen i told her its fake
    finger i got beaten badly .now my ass is so red it look like tomato

  5. Prolly a dumb question but does it have to be an acoustic guitar to do
    this, or can it be electric or electric acoustic? Sorry if this question
    seems dumb, I’m new to this. 

  6. great info check out the video I posted on my channel that teaches you how
    to play guitar with lessons

  7. I know these chords and I’m preety good at switching between them,I just
    came here hoping that you would teach as the pattern of the right hand …
    Could you ? :/

  8. Dude I have only one thing to say…… your teaching is so awesome i know
    how to play the guitar now and I know how to play a lot of songs to so
    thanks so much

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