Global Market Entry Strategies Explained
Going abroad for business? Or thinking of selling your products in foreign lands? This video goes through the main ways firms can grow their business by selling their products abroad. Exporting, Franchising, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Direct Investment.
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25 thoughts on “Global Market Entry Strategies Explained”

  1. brilliant video Mark, cheers! btw what do you think of ‘local cultural
    elements determine foreign company entry strategy’, how much will they
    influence a foreign company’s entry strategy?

  2. I’ve been revising all week for my Strategic Management Exam tomorrow
    morning UK time, and you have been a great help. I have watched all of your
    business videos and they have really helped with my revision. Thanks Mark!

  3. Hi, I have a marketing exam soon and was wondering if you could you please
    explain how International marketing is different to export marketing? 

  4. I’m going to have the International marketing exam in 1 hour. I’m outside
    the class with earphones in my ears listening to your beautiful lesson.
    Thank you!
    Ps: I’m Itaaaaaaliaaaanaaaaaa as well :D

  5. great lesson! wondering if you could add more emerging entry strategies
    like licencing and turnkey projects. cheers!

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