25 thoughts on “Electrical Home Repairs : How to Repair a Ceiling Fan’s New Pull Chain and Light Switch”

  1. @CeilingFanVideosonYT Shit. Must you trash talk everything everybody owns?
    It’s easier to replace a part then to replace the whole fan. You’re dumb,
    obviously. I know I’d repair a pull chain switch before replacing the
    entire unit. Get a life.

  2. Nice video. I’m going to fix mine right now! The only thing you didn’t do
    was show how to use the circuit tester that you mentioned at the beginning.
    Other than that, very helpful!

  3. Thank you! I broke my pull chain earlier this week and your video gave me
    the confidence to replace it myself. I just did it tonight and it works! My
    grandpa is an electrician and I can’t wait to tell him about it the next
    time I travel home!

  4. My fan is a bit more complex .It has cloth insulated wires and is antique .
    Atleast 80 to 90 years old .A new fan seems to be everyones suggestion but
    I like its look and history .

  5. Mine is a 4 wire (orange, purple, yellow, black) ceiling fan, I replaced
    the fan switch, but it won’t turn on, I did 1 yellow, 2 purple, 3 orange, L
    black, what did I do wrong? please HELP

  6. Thank you so much for posting, I was able to fix the fan and light wire by
    myself. Yeah no $90.00 an hour electrictrian charge. God Bless.

  7. When you get a bill from the hospital for 90,000 for getting electrocuted,
    I’m going to laugh so hard.

  8. I just wanted to say thank you for the confidence to fix my ceiling fan
    light myself! It was successful! Cheers!

  9. What if I opened my canopy and found that the people who owned the house
    before had snipped the wires to the switch and just connected the wires
    from the lights to the top all three white wires from the three lights to
    the one top lead wire and same with all three black to the one top lead
    wire with yellow wire nuts. My old switch had been cut and my guess is they
    just directly wired it. I could not switch the lights on or off I had to
    unscrew the light bulbs.

  10. Will this repair also work on the fan pull chain? I purchased a “3 way
    ceiling fan light switch” from the store. Is this the part I need? Thank you

  11. I just watched your video went to Ace,bought the parts $10.00 and fixed it
    myself. Took me longer to drive the the hardware store than it did to fix
    the light! I figure an electrician, would have charged about $75.00 to come
    out plus parts would be about $100.00. Thanks for saving me $90.00 today!

  12. I just replaced my old fan with new one. Everything works great but the fan
    is wobbling a lot because wont slide lock in to the wall mount.

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