25 thoughts on “Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners – Stand By Me”

  1. thanksssss !!! i thought this song would be extremely hard :3 you made it
    so easy to understand <3 thanks !

  2. This is good . Its good to find a video to teach me to play guitar.
    Considering that ive had this guitar for a year

  3. thanks bro, that was easy. I have always loved this song, but never thought
    it would be my first song to play 🙂 

  4. I get really confused when I see numbers like 320003. Can someone explain
    to me what does that mean?

  5. this is great , all the other songs looked to hard to start of when i
    searched begginer songs , i will give this a shot … p.s. great voice :D

  6. wow this is simplified so well and explained to the point, anybody learning
    guitar would have no trouble with your lesson!

    wish you would’ve taught me when i was first learning! thanks man.

  7. I’ve started learning guitar almost a month ago, so I really am a beginner
    and I’m trying to find easy songs to learn. You explained very well and
    it’s easy to follow. Once I get faster at changing chords I’ll try harder
    songs. I’m going to look at your other videos!

  8. Wow thanks!…. I’ve been impatient for the most part on my guitar skills
    (or lack of thereof) but I actually understood and learnt this xD 

  9. The only thing i did correctly is sing the lyrics..i really suck lol
    great video though! ;)..im definitely getting back to it once i seriously
    try to learn how to play

  10. How about doing a tutorial about “Vulnerable” and “Fall for You” from
    Secondhand Serenade?
    It would be really awesome!

  11. thank you so much!!!! the only other easy songs I’ve been able to find are
    some old blues songs, and they never take any time to explain the strumming
    pattern, and you did an amazing job of it, I really appreciate you putting
    out slow moving in depth videos for the new players like me, defiantly

  12. Hey Swiftlessons,

    It took me a couple of rehearsals and now I can play it like u!
    I really enjoyed this lesson, good lesson!


    Have a good day

  13. Nice man thanks im new to guitar and wanted this exact same song thanks man
    u really helped me out , I subbed and liked the video .! :D

  14. One of the easiest lessons to follow I have ever seen! Learned this really
    quick thanks to you man!

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