7 thoughts on “Cement Step Repair in One Day — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. Yeah, me commenting again…The step repair looks amazing. If I wanted to
    recreate the same surface texture of the other steps what would be the best
    way to do that? A suggested video I’d love to see would be on repairing a
    large crack in a garage floor. We have one that runs the length of the
    garage and the thought (and expense) and jackhammering it all out and
    repouring the floor is overwhelming.

  2. Thanks for the video, Jeff! How would you approach this if it was minor
    damage where only the edge of the step was worn? I’m guessing you’d leave
    out the part you did with the screws and chiseling and probably wouldn’t
    need to use a board.

  3. Thanks, Jeff. Lot’s of good advice. Some I had heard before but you added
    details, like the rounding of the edge, spraying with water for 48 hours
    and even covering with plastic to keep moisture in. Nice presentation too!

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