Business Strategy used by Virgin Airlines, Apple, Tony Robbins & Google

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Find out one of the many common business strategies used by Virgin Airlines, Apple, Tony Robbins & Google. Other companies include StarBucks, Panera Bread, and even LifeTime fitness.

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Posted by Tommy Cook

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25 thoughts on “Business Strategy used by Virgin Airlines, Apple, Tony Robbins & Google”

  1. it has nothing to do with perspective strategy that these companies and
    individuals do so well it has to do with the perception of value. in other
    word (A mac cost £$xxx more than a PC and so must be better or with the
    iPod we give all the benefits of the iPhone without the phone at nearly the
    same price) don’t be fooled by strategies it all about fooling the buyers
    Perception of what your products inherit value really is.

  2. great video, I got a business and I would like to to hear your point of
    view, Do you actually have facebook?

  3. Thanks brother that you liked the video. The video was sped, for
    experimental sake, Other videos are at regular speed. 🙂

  4. Hi great videos, just noticed your video dont have greeting. you can have
    your own style but simple hi , hello helps ease introduction .

  5. wow, this vid was great! time to bring out the pen and paper to plan this
    thing out! thanks!

  6. Hey Aziz! I’ve got a question and I thought you might want feedback on the
    video speed up thing you were trying out. I guess for info could be
    conveyed in a smaller time window but it still much more enjoyable when the
    video is at normal speed like your others. So I have a iPhone app (well a
    game actually) and many people try and advertise and promo their game to
    gaming websites or app websites but their not interested because they
    probably get 20 app submissions for review a day>continues below

  7. My app contains music from the rock genre ‘grunge’ which is indeed a niche
    market. Now heres the question. Will I see better results marketing to the
    grunge community or the app/game community? I think the niche community is
    more likely to produce more downloads for me, what do you think?

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  9. hey bro watched ur video very interesting but still some where i get stuck
    as you were going in 3G speed will you explain me in a slow motion follow
    me on my new twitter id i had already followed u nd checked my tweets also
    waiting for your reply ..hope u will solve my problem

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