Business Strategy Game Winning Tips

11 Replies to “Business Strategy Game Winning Tips”

  1. I really need help. we are a footwear international company. our sales are
    low compared to other companies, market share is low, image rating is lower
    than investor’s expectations etc…

  2. Hi, ok thanks for advice…why would it be pronounced diarrhea if its not
    spelled that way? -____-

  3. By far one of the worse informative videos. You do have a couple of good
    tips but the rest is garbage!

  4. I thought this was about teaching how to be strategic playing this game. I
    wish you would have explained better!

  5. Picture of smiling Trump @ 1:30, That’s How its done!! Let me tell you how
    to Win, I just need to know play this, I can win by myself.

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