“Business Strategy Game” Top Tips & Strategies by WinBSGOnline.com

Business Strategy Game video tutorial gives the top five tips & strategies for the McGraw Hill Business Strategy Game Online. Visit ►WinBSGOnline.com for the next five tips and ensure you will learn how to win the BSG Online.

It is difficult learning how to win The Business Strategy Game Online. If you have any questions about the tips, quiz 1 or quiz 2, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or e-mailing me directly on the website.

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8 thoughts on ““Business Strategy Game” Top Tips & Strategies by WinBSGOnline.com”

  1. Our team is intentionally thinking of tanking our stock price in the
    beginning rounds of the game to buy back our stock. Do you think this is a
    good idea?

  2. As long as you’re playing the online version of the game, you are required
    to buy back stock over multiple decision rounds. You’ll tank your stock
    price and only be able to buy back a small portion stock. It is a much
    wiser decision to buy your stock after a unusually good year and then sell
    it next year if your strategy is going to naturally result in a smaller ROE
    and EPS(and thus stock price.) Make sure to plan accordingly though. You
    want to buy back 100% of your stock by the final round.

  3. This game is kicking my ass. I am clicking numbers and changing the
    Scoring Measures, but it is just a click game so far. I don’t have a
    “strategy”…and that is irritating me. Thanks for your post.

  4. In the paid guide you say there are introduction and game how to files
    located here. I can only find this one. Please tell me what I am doing

  5. Hello Rodrigo,

    Please email me at my site. I know of someone who specifically has a guide
    translated into Spanish by a native speaker if you are interested.

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