17 thoughts on “Business Strategy Game – Tips and Strategies – McGraw Hill – Business Strategy Game”

  1. Those projections are to be used as a guide. The numbers you settle on will
    not be the same numbers you have at the start of the new year because
    everything depends on the actions of your competitors, but like I said,
    they are decent guides. If you’re in the final years of the competition,
    then I suggest you start maxing out your private label bids as I have
    instructed around the 16:25 mark in the video.

  2. starting year 1 you said to have TQM and best practices training at the max
    spending, but by doing this my stock price is all the way down to .23
    cents, should i gradually increase these amounts or keep it how it is and
    hope it pays off later on? thanks

  3. If your stock is at .23 cents, then there are other factors causing the
    dramatic drop. It’s been more than a year since I played the game, but I
    can remember that our stock nevergot that low – not even close.

  4. Do you recommend taking out loans to acquire property in the 2nd decision
    round. i only have about 13k on hand after purchasing 38,000$ of property
    but there is up to 100k on the board. Thanks

  5. One of the biggest tips you had is purchasing stock back every year. It
    increases 3 out of the 5 scoring measures you are graded on. Also, there is
    some fine-tuning for your cost-per-unit that is very important in both
    private label and wholesale, because it maximizes your profit per unit. In
    year 5 I started buying 2000 capacity per year and was able to maintain
    constant growth. Profit jumped 85% in one year once other companies fell

  6. Help, i missed round 1, i forgot to save my decision. Any advice to
    recover, my team is now in the last place.

  7. So, if I want to make one big last year effort to jump higher than the
    others to bump above them in the last year, what year do I make those
    changes? The very last year or the year right before?…meaning, if my
    last year is year 18, do I go through year 18 and do my biggest risks on
    that year 18 in order to jump REALLY high for EPS, ROE and revenues and

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