Business Simplification Strategies & Principles | Andrew Weissman & Jim Winkler

Jim and Andrew brought exciting news to the stage as they broke down new ways that UnFranchise® Owners can simplify their business. New features include an updated Getting Started Guide and a new handout specifically to sell Product Kits. The latest promotion of Products Kits makes selling Health and Wellness consistently easier, as customers have everything they need in one package and can even order it monthly using AutoShip, boosting sales by almost 0 per month!

Andrew and Jim also gave a brief overview of the very well received Partner Now and Waiting Room on the online UnFranchise® Business account, creating a new back office to build business and sponsorship. On top of these amazing additions, Form 1000 will have a more flexible due time and an updated UnFranchise® Business video will be released in a couple of weeks.

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