Build a Strategy for Sustainability

Posted by Tommy Cook

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28 thoughts on “Build a Strategy for Sustainability”

  1. todnyc: Environmental systainability has to be within what the economic
    bottom line allows. So you can’t do expensive hippie stuff in order to save
    the planet, you have to do it in an economically sound way.

  2. “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the
    poor have no food, they call me a Communist.” -Hélder Câmara

  3. “Act now and Apologize Later” is restructuring of “The Ends justifies the
    Means.” Marxism (like all Leftist utopian delusions) will always fail
    because they’re abandoned reason. Hegel was anti-reason and anti-realist.
    The basis of all science is reason, evidence, and logic. Scientific
    socialism was invoked for power, not for truth. The basis of Marxism is
    faith, not reason. This douche bag is another utopian Marxist. Fuck him!

  4. e = mc² ??! you fags are ridiculous cum eaters. regardless of your lofty
    ivy league degrees. sick.

  5. You almost made sense until you mentioned Wal-Mart they figured out how to
    exploit poor people in 3 world countries and have the poor in North America
    buy these products so now they have the poor in the world destroying each
    other and the planet. Who need cheap stuff the wreaks havoc on humanity and
    the planet.

  6. Nice video, The best way to go Green is to work to reduce immigration. Why
    ride a bike, have few children and turn off lightbulbs yet allow the
    government to bring in millions of immigrants that will have a dozen
    children and make taxpayers pay for it all. In USA millionaire donated the
    Sierra Club Environmentalist organization 100 million dollars and told them
    to stop mentioning overpopulation or immigration. read more at vdare(dot)com

  7. The environment does not have any borders. Therefore, immigration is an
    irrelevant issue here. Overpopulation is an issue on the global level and
    is being addressed by all environmental organizations in developing
    countries (educating women, promoting family planning options).

  8. I was a pioneer of sustainablity long before Bruntland report on
    sustainablity in 1987. I defined sustain 3D-Economic.environmental and
    social. I have attended world summit on sustainablity in southafrica in
    2002. I suggest culture is subdivision of social issue.

  9. WalMart, Seriously? Call me when they realize how unsustainable their
    consumption of single use bags for single items for single uses is.

  10. @desigrrl08 Not true, and I’m not talking about me. But as he says, you
    have to have economic sustainability. (1:00 and 6:00) Problem is that the
    macrostructures in the world, many times do not allow for sustainability.
    However, solutions have to be mainstream (culturally and otherwise) and
    cost-efficient enough to actually have an impact.

  11. @Win4CharityVictim A plan 2 define sustainability, individually n
    collectively: wwwf4wpeaceDOTde F4 World Peace by Cultural-Change, the
    trend.The Revolution. Peace All Inshallah ..stay stylish! maverick-Aisha

  12. A number of the ideas in this video are quite good particularly in terms of
    choosing simple and salient ideas which can be easily identified,
    understood and acted upon. However, the examples given appear quite strange
    to me. PSPs appear good in practice but eating an organic meal once a week
    or parking further away sounds a lot like rearranging chairs on the
    Titanic. If all companies were to become sustainable and charge premium
    prices as advocated, I’m not sure this would be economically sus

  13. Sustainability? I can define it. Control of the people. The people are in
    control of the government. These fascist liberal pukes can’t tell me what
    to do. What if I told him to eat steak, own a muscle car, and have sex with
    women instead of men?

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