25 thoughts on “Bleep Bloop: Xbox 360 Home Repair”

  1. when mine had the three parts of the ring i switched the button the HDMI
    cord plug back and forth. Problem solved….

  2. You know when this happened to me i just stop playing for like two weeks
    and one day i just wanted to play again and Forget about the red ligth and
    it just worked good as new

  3. Sorry, I mean the PS3 and Xbox360 both have advantages and disadvantages.

  4. i don’t think it’s glue on the CPU. it think that’s the Thermal gel stuff
    the put on to keep it from overheating.

  5. There are computer OEMs that are not Alienware and Apple. For instance,
    have you ever heard of a company called Asus. Maybe HP. Perhaps Samsung,
    Maybe you’ve heard of iBuyPower. If not Maingear. Bottomline, Alienware
    sucks. All tiers of their computers are overpriced to hell. Apple sucks too
    for the same reasons.

  6. Wait, are they using the hairdryer on the part they need to cool down, or
    did Jeff just misspeak?

  7. And very slow wits, it seems. Took me ages to get your meaning. I thought
    you meant I was being over-analytical and was like, “What does my hair have
    to do with it? Surely long hair is more nerdy?” My apologies. But yes, the
    mysteries of the hairdryer are unknown to me.

  8. None of the steps after taking the motherboard out made any sense. How is
    wiping off thermal paste and overheating the GPU going to solve anything?

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