22 thoughts on “Best Way to Clean Grout (EVER!!!) — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. What’s the best way to clean grout?

    One of my DIY friends, +Ashley Selph , shared her AWESOME cleaning tip. You
    should check this out because it will making cleaning your grout and other
    parts of your home so much easier.

    It involves building what Ashley calls the the Grout GrimeBuster 3000. The
    total cost is $5 and you’ll have it assembled in less than a few minutes.
    You can then insert this device into your drill for a powerful scrubbing

    Here’s a little video demonstrating it’s magical cleaning ability. Oh, and
    I give you a secret OxiClean solution recipe that helped me get our grout
    looking like new again. 

  2. Hi Traci, great question. I was concerned myself and looked closely at my
    faucets. There weren’t any scratches but it will depend on the bristles in
    the brush. Since the brush I used was specifically for dishes there is a
    minimal chance that you’ll see scratches. So pick the brush carefully.

  3. A lot easier to use a firm toothbrush, fits in more small areas. Or any
    other firm brushes available at your local hardware store or grocery. And
    you don’t need a drill! Years ago I got a battery operated tub kit made
    for cleaning…threw it away

  4. Hey Jeff … do you prefer Wet and Forget OR the grout grime buster 3000 ?
    Also, can I put the oxy into a spray bottle for walls that have tile ?

  5. I’d like to see those parts close up — I’m not sure about that 5″ “hex
    nut”? I would like to know what that looks like, and how it fits into a

  6. The problem with this type of brush is that it scratches the floor around
    the grout. You need a different slimmer grout size brush so that it ONLY
    goes on the grout.

  7. Great idea for other cleaning applications. For my shower however, I just
    use ‘Wet&Forget’ for showers. Easiest stuff I ever used for my shower. But
    I’m definitely going to try your brush idea for other stuff!!

  8. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but products like this have been around
    for years. Just look up “drill cleaning brush” (or something similar).
    The brushes shown here would certainly need to be replaced quite often
    with any type of use. Slightly more expensive brushes last MUCH longer and
    have a much more aggressive cleaning ability. There are even grout and
    tile cleaning brushes made for drills. While this home made version is a
    good idea, it certainly isn’t an original idea.

  9. Jeff, just my $.02 but it would be benefical to the viewer if you added a
    part list/source to your video comments. For example, the brand name/info
    of the brush you bught at Target and in your case the diameter of the
    5″ hex head bolt you purchased. I understand size will vary depending on
    the brush you buy. Thanks for the great videos 

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