25 thoughts on “Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones speech (with real subtitles)”

  1. Giving a presentation in shorts…. Absolutely priceless! which one of us
    would even dream of doing such a thing today?

  2. he died in 1955 and unix was firstly introduced in 1969… i was saying
    that if he would be alive he would use linux BTW he could have used even
    windows, i sad linux because i imagine him like a hipster/geek (which he

  3. Like it, love it or hate it, but he changed the world. “People don’t buy
    what you do, they buy who you do it” – Simon Sinek. Is there is someone in
    this world that was able to give a company’s name more value then just its
    products is Steve jobs

  4. Apple became famous not because of this ad, but because of their
    consistency of making good products easy to use with character and class
    that is the core of the company and not that Mohammad Ali would use Apple
    because he wouldn’t he is a boxer.

    Different products, different approaches, for Nike it worked but as Jobs
    said, Nike sells commodities, Apples sells more than that you can not fool
    the people.But Jobs was smart enough not to rest assure by that ad and give
    much more to the buyers that is why he succeeded.

  5. Great, solid advice for any aspiring marketer…especially as he went on to
    prove it in the following 15 years.

    #stevejobs #marketing #brands

  6. I see what you did their Steve.. You wanted to inspire people and make them
    believe they could be anything and be as big as the company, that was your
    marketing pitch. Everyone wants to feel like they can do something and
    create something amazing, so target pretty much everyone and sell them that
    idea, that gives the product you are talking about (apple) a good positive
    view in peoples minds. Does anyone else agree?

  7. I will always respect Mr. Jobs because of his creativity. I discuss the
    death of Steve Jobs and the battle against conformity on my channel so feel
    free to leave feedback by liking or commenting on the links. Thanks for the
    support and make sure you subscribe.

  8. lol still the best entrepreneur/ Mogul ever “The People who are stupid
    enough to think they can change the world; are the ones who Do” lol look at
    my @Nike shoe

  9. this is what cheers me up!
    cuz ,were not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about

  10. i liked the “Crazy Ones” speech with Steve’s voice better.

    But i’m probably biased.

  11. The new Amazing…Crazy 🙂
    Got I-T?
    “Let us solve I-T for you!”

  12. *..защото хората, които са достатъчно луди, за да мислят, че могат да
    променят света, са всъщност тези, които го правят.*

  13. Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs: Think different / Crazy ones
    speech (with real subtitles)

    I respect insightful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs: Best marketing strategy
    ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones speech (with real subtitles)

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