25 thoughts on “Bathroom Mobile Home Repair Oak Island NC 28461 Home Repair Long Beach NC”

  1. @Jimmyjoeandthegang You will have to measure in between each joist. Reason
    is that when they are built alot (most ) of the time the joists will be off
    all the way through it. It’s not a hard job. Just don’t over think it is
    all :}

  2. This looks a lot like my MH which is a 89. It has the gray polybutylene
    plumbing. It is soft hoses with crimp fittings. Very prone to leaks, hence
    the rotted flooring. Unfortunately I still owe money on it. Never again.

  3. This home looks like it’s very dangerous because it was built extremely
    economically using the cheapest possible materials. If the builder will use
    plywood instead of particle board or chipboard this would not have happened
    as easily.

  4. @atifirepro1 I own a 1995 16′ x 80 Skyline with the same stuff. They all
    hang down like that. It has to as it needs to pass the warm air through. It
    should move about 4 or 5 inches up and down. It isnt the old hardboard
    stuff that is flat against the joist.

  5. Replace the damn thing, damn saw dust board. I had to do whole freakin
    trailer. Floor was nothing but chit.

  6. I wish they’d build these things with plywood floors in the first place. It
    would save a lot of people from huge headaches.

  7. I only have to replace a part of the sub floor where the former owner did
    not seal an addition properly. I have to seal the leak and replace the
    subfloor. :/

  8. I think the builders at the time was trying to push for volume while
    sacrificing quality. With new regulations, it is forcing builders to use
    quality material. I am glad this is happening.

  9. not sure if i get it. why not plywood and not real wood. What is real wood

  10. f ing particle board i dont know why the hell they dident use plywood in
    those trailers

  11. Thank you for this, Drew. I’m following very closely because I have to
    replace the floor in my MH. Question: I’ve finished the first two videos on
    floor replacement. The second one was labeled Mobile Home Floors 2. I’m not
    seeing the third video; how is it labeled?

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