25 thoughts on “Ain’t No Trouble | Learn Guitar With David Brent”

  1. If you haven’t subscribed to The Ricky Gervais channel yet, you’re doing it

  2. Fucking lub it mate, another classic piece of work,( you are brill) I have
    to watch several times just for the fun and talent,

  3. And when I’m old, Lord,
    Going grey,
    My mind is gone, Lord,
    Don’t know which day.
    Then I look at her, Lord,
    She smiles at me,
    If I die right then, Lord,
    I’d be happy.

    His oxford performance was amazing

  4. The live tour was outstanding definitely recommend it…if he does it
    again. Typical gervais finish on a high leave u wanting more

  5. fucking hell that was the tits on toast…lubbin it…just a quick note to
    the mongtards who think brent should interract in some way with karl
    pilkington..do you seriously not see the flaw? ricky is playing a character
    goddamit. you might as well say “wouldnt it be good if michael palin met
    basil fawlty”

  6. Ricky Gervais is David Brent when it comes to these videos haha he makes a
    few jokes but he basically does want to pretend he’s a rock star haha 

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