A Seminar In Music Business Strategy With Berklee Professor John Kellogg

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21 thoughts on “A Seminar In Music Business Strategy With Berklee Professor John Kellogg”

  1. Excellent video – I’ve subscribed and will work my way through more AHM material. Are there any plans for a video about the copyright issues that can typically arise from remixing projects (I mean legitimate ones)? And what happens when there has been no formal written agreements about such rights, especially as tracks are now easily available throughout the world on iTunes and other services. RJ

  2. This is great info. Thanks for sharing. I have a ton of videos about music licensing and how to get music in tv and films. Check out my channel if you’re interested.

  3. Yes. The music industry has changed since apple and internet appeared but the introductory seminar from this professor gives quick useful insights to think about when You know nothing about this. Good introductory class

  4. The US copyright office is very expensive at 45$ per registration? The Italian copyright office charges 180 Euros for registering plus 90 Euros per year for the service. So the first time you sign up yuou have to pay 270 euros. It’s disgusting.

  5. Processor John Kellogg is well versed in his profession…this video was very informative…I will be viewing more videos from him

  6. Do i need to know how to play the piano or compose if i want to apply for MUSIC BUSINESS? thx

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