25 thoughts on “8 Guitar Chords You Must Know – Beginner Guitar Lessons”

  1. Dear Nate
    Its great to learn Guitar from your tips at the age of 60. I am completely
    novice for guitar and will like to get the complete cource from you. How
    can I get it ?

  2. Thanks, Nate. I am a beginner and wondering what the solid black and white
    dots are over the nut, and why some of the numbers in the chord diagrams
    are in black.

  3. Regarding your F chord, I think it’s harder to learn to strum just 3
    strings than to learn a barred chord.If you’re going to be playing barred
    chords in the future,you might as well start learning them from the start,
    which will help strengthen those fingers immediately.

  4. The way he plays G major is uncommon. Switch the 2nd finger with your first
    finger, and the 3rd with the 2nd and your pinky on the high e string.
    Should be easier.

  5. I thought your video was very easy to follow and I like how you added the
    pic with it. I just got my new b-day guitar and I am hoping to advance the
    best way possible. Thanks for sharing!

  6. AUGH! Freakin’ thank you! I have literally been scouring the interwebz
    looking for some form of a lesson that actually helped and DIDN’T make me
    feel like an airhead. I wouldn’t call myself a beginner (I took a couple
    years of classes in high school) because I do know pretty much all of my
    major chords. My issue is sort of like Nate’s (the whole “uncommon”
    fingering thing with his G major) because I play pretty much ALL of my
    barre chords kind of… strangely. I mean, it gets the job done but I still
    get picked on for it to this day and it’s total bummer (I’m 20, I’m
    sensitive, okay?) But these videos have helped TREMENDOUSLY and
    it’s…Thanks, Nate. You’re awesome and if you see this continue to do what
    you do. You help a lot of people 🙂


  7. Isn’t it hard to play and change how many strings you should play on for
    each ackord?

  8. +GuitarLessons.com .. Can I play the guitar and play a song with only
    reference the basic guitar chord book cuz i have no time to go to the music

  9. just what I need Easy Play as I know nothing about it now maybe I can play
    something for fun

  10. That guitar in the backround is beautiful!! The one you are playing to to
    but I just love the colors of the one I the back

  11. I’ve got a chord on my mind, that I want to learn to identify.
    There’s a capo on the fourth fret. Fourth finger on the 1st string in 7th
    fret, (strings counted from Down). Ringfinger on the second stringm 7th
    fret, second finger on the 5th string, 7th fret and the first finger on the
    fourth string, 6th fret. What cord is it?
    Found it from a videorecording of Miley Cyrus’ Butterfly fly away, with the
    neck of the guirtar in the bottum of the screen.

  12. I’m a lefty and its been a little harder for me to pick up things than most
    it seems. But i REALLY dig your videos bro. You made it really easy for me
    to get some chord practice down and actually make it sound good! THanks im
    subscribed and as I progress i will be buying your subscription service
    thanks again.

  13. why is it so hard for my middle and ring fingers to separate? any exercise
    you recommend so theyre not always wanting to stick together

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