4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

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A short clip from my Total Business Mastery seminar about the 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy. This video will answer your questions about your marketing mix including: How do I get customers? How do i determine my target markets? Whats my competitive advantage?

Posted by Tommy Cook

I'm a Quality Control Technician who is really into keeping things spotless and perfect. I love to talk about business, sports and taking risks. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind and I do love a healthy exchange of ideas.

24 thoughts on “4 Principles of Marketing Strategy”

  1. Charlie Chea 1 second ago
    I found my mentor, I will be adapting your knowledge to my daily business,
    Thanks you so much Mr or Dr Brian Tracy.

  2. absolutely wonderful explanation and more powerful to strive our real life
    as business issue so I would like to take some article that I need to
    present my presentation. thank you so much Dr/Mr Brian Tracy

  3. Thanks for the video. I hope the video quality is better, at least use 720
    resolution. Thank you 

  4. Brian Tracey is so inspiring, he not only knows what he is talking about
    but has constantly updated his information, helping so many people! Thank

  5. This guy is a moron, he makes his money by franchising his bullshit to
    unsuspecting individuals hoping they will succeed in business by listening
    to him. Anyone else notice he never mentions the kindle in his talk? Even
    though it was available 3 years before the ipad? Brian Tracy is the modern
    day version of a snake oil seller!

  6. He goes back to the Basics a lot and we all need to hear that – just
    because something has been said 1000 times does not mean we don’t need to
    hear it another 1000 times (Confucius)

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